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Our Summer Fly-by

On Karla's birthday in June, we had a joint birthday party for the 3 sibs. Man, they are getting old! Hehe!

Everyone was decked out in the birthday garb, like the birthday hats, and we couldn't just wear them the normal way...

The bundle of cute cousins...

I bought a patio set from a friend who was moving for $50. Just added a touch of new paint, and voila! Like new!

My sisters and I threw Andrea (the middle child) a Bridal shower! Everyone was there with the exception of Des...we missed you!

And then, of course, there is the tradition of Ute Stampede.

Once the rodeo was over, they asked for the kids to join together on the grounds for a coin hunt. We encouraged Elena to do it and she took off faster than we thought she would. She found 2 half dollars. Then as soon as they were done, they called for women 18+ and Austin was practically shoving me over the rail. So of course I had to participate! The women were vicious! The were shoving and tripping each other, so I made out with 3 half dollars and called it good:)

We had a huge family party celebrating my grandparent's birthdays. It was great to see everyone. I just love my family and my grandparents so much!!!

Just some precious moments to me.

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